DR. CHRIS O. BUNIEL, Optometrist, joins LGU Carrascal Healthcare Team

In an effort to eradicate or reduce avoidable blindness as another poverty alleviation program in Surigao del Sur, the municipality of Carrascal led by Mayor Vicente T. Pimentel has engaged in partnership and enter into an agreement with Montero Medical Missions – EyeSight2020 under the directorship of Dr. Christopher O. Buniel to establish and maintain an eye care program that aims to give free access to standard quality and proper eye care and treatment for the poor, indigent and low – income residents of this municipality. Continue reading

CeC Carrascal offers FREE Basic Computer Literacy Training

One of the issues identified in the community that needs attention is the increasing rate of computer illiteracy. Despite the onslaught of computers in schools and internet cafes in the neighboring municipalities, still only 15% of all Carrascalaons have basic knowledge on computer usage or have access to the internet. Continue reading